list of ee peepz i have sorted!!

adam best?!

archie mitchell

andy hunter


ashley cotton?

belinda slater

beppe di marco?

chrissie watts

cindy beale nee williams

clare bates

courtney mitchell

craig dixon

dotty cotton

dan ferriera?

dan sullivan?

danny moon

david wicks

deano wicks?

den watts

eddie royle?  

geroge palmer?

harry slater?!

ian beale

jack branning

janine butcher

jez franks!

johnny allen

juley smith

lucy beale

li chong

linda clarke

marcus christie?

may wright

mike swann

natalie evans nee price?!!

nathan williams

nick cotton

owen turner

paul trueman

pauline beale

richard cole?

rob minter

syd chambers!

syed masood?!

sean slater

simon wicks

stella crawford

steve owen

steven beale

suzy branning

teresa di marco?

tony king!!

trevor morgan

zainab masood

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